Marbella achieves second place in the vote for “Best European Destination”

Marbella has achieved the second position in the vote to choose, among the 20 finalists, the “Best European destination”, an award given by a tourist website in Belgium. The municipality has been second only to Ljubljana (Slovenia), which will wear this recognition by 2022. The City Council has paid 30,000 euros for this promotion.

Internet voting opened on January 20, although in Marbella it was not reported until the 31st of that month, when the mayor asked for the support of the public.

This same afternoon the participation has been closed and the title as “Best European destination” has been achieved for 2022 by the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana.

Behind, in second place, has been Marbella, beating other cities as important as Rome, Athens or London, which were also finalists.

This is an award granted by the tourist portal, created in 2009 and sold as “the most visited in Europe”.

It is managed by a company based in Brussels (Belgium) and the Marbella City Council, as this digital already advanced, has paid 30,225.80 euros to be there.

Supposedly, 20 finalists have been selected, among whom the online vote was held, which concluded this Thursday, February 10.

The result has been a list that places these destinations in order behind the one that wins, which has been Ljubljana, and that will be promoted throughout the year.

According to the City Council, Marbella has received 61,401 votes, out of a total of half a million that have been registered from 182 countries around the world.

The mayor has highlighted that the municipality has been the “most voted destination by travelers in the United Kingdom, even ahead of London”.

In 2021, among the finalists were the Canary Islands and Calpe (Alicante), which finally came in 10th and 17th position, respectively. Braga (Portugal) won over Rome (Italy).

The result for 2022 is as follows:

1st. Ljubljana (Slovenia)
2nd. Marbella (Spain)
3rd. Amiens (France)
4th. Plovdiv (Bulgaria)
5th. Leuven (Belgium)
6th. Oradea (Romania)
7th. London, United Kingdom)
8th. Nijmegen (Netherlands)
9th. Lahti Region (Finland)
10th. Istanbul, Turkey)
11th. Amalfi Coast (Italy)
12th. Prague (Czech Republic)
13th. Rome Italy)
14th. Bavaria Region (Germany)
15th. Athens, Greece)
16th. Clonakilty (Ireland)
17th. Vienna (Austria)
18th. Lucerne (Switzerland)
19th. Graz (Austria)
20th. Crete (Greece)